Miken Freak Plus

Miken Freak Plus
Bat Size/Weight
Weight 3.00 lbs
Our price: $229.00
NSA ISA USSSA Approved. A very reliably hot bat. Has been tried and tested and true work horse on the USSSA circuit. If you can not hit the ball out of the park with this bat then the problem is you.

ThrowRight.com is proud to offer the Miken Freak Plus.

We have these sizes, 26oz, 27oz, 28oz, 29oz, in stock.

If you would like a different size please let us know and it can be arranged.

Introducing the Freak Plus.It is hotter stronger and even more flexible than the Freak. The Freak was great but the Freak Plus is better. If the softballs are not yours then there is nothing wrong with this bat. Be aware this bat drives softball so far there is a tendency to lose them.

Miken has taken the patented E Flex Technology to the next level with the maximum amount of flex generated through out the entire 13 1/2 inch barrel and the massive sweet spot. The Freak Plus does not come up short of the best when the ball comes off this bat. It crushes the ball with a exhilarating ease for distance or line drives.The Freak Plus has a combination of strength, flexibility and durability that is unmatched and without parrallel. Once again... Miken has the competition over the barrel. Who's side do you want to be on? They mean it when they say... yaw'r either with us or agin'us.

This bat smokes the ball.

Freak Plus approved for USSSA ISA ISF and SSUSA

The Freak Plus is Not approved for ASA

When Miken®Sports created the Freak® slowpitch softball bat, the talk was that it could never be beat. The talk was wrong. Introducing Freak® Plus – hotter, stronger and even more flexible than its ancestor. The Freak Plus surpasses the Freak because its E-Flex Technology® has been raised to the next level with the maximum amount of flex generated throughout the entire barrel of its massive sweet spot. It is nothing less than the best when the ball meets the bat and a combination of strength meets flexibility and durability and all of it results in sending the ball into the middle of next week.


Bat sizes Available 34” length: your choice 26 oz, 27 oz, 28 oz, 29 oz, and 30 oz.

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