Bounce back pitching target

Bounce back pitching target
Code Bbpt
Weight 37.00 lbs
Our price: $179.00

Designed to help ball handlers from novice to Pro. After assembly, to use, just slide the adjustable twist-lock position poles up or down to any one of the following positions: grounder, short hop, pitch back, pop-up or fly ball
Throw the ball at the center of the net and it will bounce back to you at the same speed you threw it. When you are ready to practice pitching, just flip the frame over to the Pro-Catcher side and use the pitching target. To assemble, follow the easy instructions provided. The Personal Trainer is perfect for use by teams, schools or just at home.
                               90-days warranty on materials

Special design nylon ball return net
Snap-lock pin, black powder-coated steel frame made of 1.5" pipe
Adjustable poles to position frame for net tension
Bungee balls to hold net to frame & for ball return
Pro-Catcher pitching target with pocket for balls
Instructions for easy assembly

Portable, no tools needed
Black powder-coated steel frame for long life
Push button snap-lock pin frame connection system
Can set adjustable poles for all training positions
Bungee balls provide net tension
Flip frame over to Pro-Catcher side to use pitching target
Can be folded for transportation

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